some of the best happy birthday quotes

65+ Original Happy Birthday Quotes for Friends, Lovers and Everyone: Inspiring, Lovely and BestFirst

Of all, Happy Birthday to you !  Whoever is reading this post, it’s for them.   We are all aware that one day we will die.  It is the greatest truth.  No one could alter this.  But on the day when we had been born, it had been special day for us, for

just having a party, say these Happy birthday quotations.  When it is your

our parents, and also for everybody who saw us time as a tiny baby.

 That day was our Happy Birthday.  It was party time, and whenever

that birthday date comes, it is celebration time.  Therefore it could be that your birthday celebration time is forthcoming.  Rather than

 buddy’s birthday, sister, parents or any other’s.  Saying beautiful,

mesmerizing, emotional and loving words may mean a lot.  Words carry the

feelings whatever you say and it may change somebody’s life drastically.  


Than money and materialistic pleasures, expressing your emotions imply a

  Hence if on coming

 good deal, and you couldn’t express them .

  Hence if on coming

dates, if your friend’s, sister, brother, parents’ or whosever

birthday is coming, say these expressive Happy birthday quotations to them

given they can be aware of how much you love them and just how much they mean to

youpersonally!    All these

Are some of the best happy birthday quotes you can say for your

nearest and dearest.  Happy birthday images will also be there which you could send to

anyone to whomever you want to want.  Life is short.  It’s going and

going., Sometimes going quickly, sometimes going slow; happy and sad.  But

whenever your birthday comes, it appears new.  It’s a type of new life, a

new opportunity.  So observe it and create something of your life.  Happy

Birthday to you! 


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